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If you not satisfy With Our Service, After Purchase Within 24 hours. No Questions Asked, Get Your Refund


1.How do I get access to my purchased tools?

We provide you the tool’s through 2 different methods, first one -access directly by just installing BDSEOTOOLS official chrome extensions, 2nd one, access tools through one click.

2.Can I share accounts?

We do not allow account sharing, If our system detects you are sharing your account then we will ban your account permanently without any Notice and refund.

3.Is the accounts are unique?

No, it’s a group buy means we buy accounts and share it to all users. We do not provide any unique accounts to anyone.However we always recommend you to buy the tools from original source if you have the ability, Our system is only for newbies who can’t affrod the tools.

4.Can I use proxy/VPN/RDP IPs?

No, You can’t use any kind of proxies, RDPs to access your account. It may lead your account to a permanent ban.

5.Can I use dynamic IPs?

Yes, You can use dynamic IPs, because most of broadband and mobile operators provide dynamic ips but remember the IP should be from your city.

6.Can I use accounts in Office & Home?

Sorry to say, NO! You can’t use one account on different ISP or Location. You have to purchase two accounts to access from home and office. If you try to use one account from a different location, you will be permanently banned from our platform.

7.Are there any limitations in the accounts?

Yes, there are some limitations to the tools. Because of our users privacy we have to hide some information provided by our users.

8.Do I Need to Install Software or Chrome Extension?

You will only need to use our extension to access tools. Some tools requires no extension also.

9.What payment methods i can use to purchase account?

You can use Bkash, Rocket, Nagad.

10.How is this so cheap? Are you scam?

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. We purchase the Premium accounts on your behalf with our group buy members and provide the account at a fraction of the original price.

Regarding scam, we don’t have time to scam people, try once if you don’t find it helpful, you do not buy from us, we only charge a small amount to you for tools, and if you don’t find it helpful, you can buy from the main site itself.

11.Do you share your email and passwords?

Due to the nature of group buy, we do not share email and passwords for almost all tools, some rare exceptions.

12.Do you store my details?

We only store you email, name, number only.

13.Account Banned Alert

We have some top-level Artificial intelligence-based algorithms installed in our scripts that are monitoring you in your every request including your IP Address, device ID etc. If you will do against our privacy and policy system will ban you permanently. 

Banned users are not eligible for the refund

14. How long it takes to unblock an account

It depends on the user’s activity. For the first time, we usually check the account instantly as soon as possible. However, if someone repeatedly violates our terms, it may take 2-3 days to check the account.

14.My account is permanently locked or banned? Why?

We ban account permanently for following reasons

  • Foul language, Cussing during chat
  • Open accounts from different location again and again, even after warning.
  • Found suspicious activity in account
  • Sharing account with friends and family, even after warning
  • Threats – We will open dispute or chargeback (Do not signup if you do not agree to our terms)

Also note, no refund will be provided once account is banned.

15.Services Terms:

BDSEOTOOLS has the right to change the prices and validity of its services at any time. Also, We can remove or add products based on availability in the Advanced plan, mega plan, pro plan, lite plan, video plan, content plan.